Monday, 5 July 2010


An important form of publicity for an exhibition is a postcard/invite/flyer. These can be handed to people who want to know more, or abandoned in public places for interested parties to pick up. Or sent via lovely snail mail to people we feel should be interested.

Creating a postcard incorporating the work of 3 very different artists was interesting to say the least.

We had to think about symmetry, balance, dealing with different shapes and sizes of images, fitting in all the sponsor logos, and remembering to include when its all actually happening!

And oh yeah, how do you fit lots of words into a 147mm x 210mm space? Its quite difficult, I must say.

Photoshop is a wonderful, and frustrating thing, but eventually the layout was done, and hopefully everyone was pleased!

Here's the finished article:

Those of you who hang around the general Stockton area, or who we like enough to post one to, will receive, or can pick one up, as soon as the actual physical articles arrive. (which will hopefully be very very soon!)

Don't forget, 2nd August onwards, exhibition, workshops, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

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