Monday, 12 July 2010

Meet the Artists....

Here's some info on the artists and their work!

Anna Cole

Anna Cole is a textile artist, as well as a designer/maker, who specialises in Printed Textiles. Alongside her unique art pieces Anna also designs and makes small accessories including bags, cushions, other homewares and some textile jewellery. These pieces are created from her own hand printed fabrics, and supplemented with interesting fabric oddments.

Her recent work has been inspired by maps, which combined with her love of abstract expressionism has led to a series of abstract ink drawings and embroidered pieces. In addition Anna is currently working on a new collection of accessories, to compliment the map drawings.

After studying Textile Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, Anna returned to the North East in 2009, where she has recently been delivering and assisting with workshops in local arts centres and schools on textile printing processes, among other things.

She has also been gaining experience in working behind the scenes in galleries, and will be studying Museum and Gallery Studies at Newcastle University starting September 2010.

For more info on Anna & her work visit her website

Paula Jackson

Paula designs and make one-of-a-kind textiles, teddies, hearts & wall hangings, all made from vintage linens embellished with button box finds. She also paints in a range of media.

In her own words, a little about her inspirations:

"As a child in the seventies I loved going to my grandparents home.

Wooden beds piled high with blankets & eiderdowns, hot water bottles & roaring fires.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread & cakes, china tea sets in glass fronted cupboards, afternoon tea with sandwiches, followed by jelly and ice-cream.

Summer days spent outdoors, watching the rabbits from the hilltop eating a picnic, evenings spent sewing buttons from the button tin onto fabric scraps.

The simple life of yesterday, where money was short but love was plenty."

For more info on Paula, her work and her workshops, see her website

Adrian Moule

Adrian Moule is fine artist working across painting, printmaking and sculptural installation. He has a fascination with the line as a form considering it as an environment. In his 'Conversations' series you can see his persistent struggle to keep the image from dissolving into the lines and forms that make them up. He uses studies from life to engage in a conversation with the act of painting. Adrian has never found it easy to produce a well-balanced painting and even more difficult is his ability to make nice paintings. Over the last few years he has taken an interest in Printing, Lino, Wood Block, Etching and screen-printing. For more information take a look at his Facebook page where his work in uploaded.

Adrian can deliver quality workshops designed to engage people in the mechanics of art making including, printing, photography, drawing, painting, feltmaking, dyes, textiles, design, graphics. He believes the power of creative thinking can motivate and generate a sense of well being.

We look forward to meeting you during our exhibition, don't forget Monday 2nd - Friday 6th August for We Make, then Monday 9th - Saturday 14th for workshops! (which you can book now!)

See previous blog posts for more info, and remember to:


Monday, 5 July 2010


An important form of publicity for an exhibition is a postcard/invite/flyer. These can be handed to people who want to know more, or abandoned in public places for interested parties to pick up. Or sent via lovely snail mail to people we feel should be interested.

Creating a postcard incorporating the work of 3 very different artists was interesting to say the least.

We had to think about symmetry, balance, dealing with different shapes and sizes of images, fitting in all the sponsor logos, and remembering to include when its all actually happening!

And oh yeah, how do you fit lots of words into a 147mm x 210mm space? Its quite difficult, I must say.

Photoshop is a wonderful, and frustrating thing, but eventually the layout was done, and hopefully everyone was pleased!

Here's the finished article:

Those of you who hang around the general Stockton area, or who we like enough to post one to, will receive, or can pick one up, as soon as the actual physical articles arrive. (which will hopefully be very very soon!)

Don't forget, 2nd August onwards, exhibition, workshops, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

Booking your workshop place...

In my last post I mentioned that the evening workshops we are running (see workshops, workshops, workshops), require booking a place.

You may now go ahead and book a place.

Simply email us,, stating your name, email, which workshop(s) you want to do, and on which day.

I will then email you back and say congratulations, you officially have a place!

So I now await all the hundreds of emails............


The Drop In Session Workshops are now also very generously sponsored by the Phoenix Art Group, in association with Awards for All, and the Northern Rock Foundation.

Which means we can have more materials, and offer you more things, yay!